Benefits of
Therapeutic Massage

I specialize in several professional, relaxing therapeutic massage modalities in order to provide my clients with a variety of benefits. Some of the more common benefits my clients experience are:

  • Reduced pain

  • Reduced stiffness and range of motion limitations

  • Reduced muscular and emotional stress

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased blood flow

  • Enhanced soft tissue healing

I invite you to contact me today and experience for yourself the benefits of natural, therapeutic massage therapy.

In health and relaxation,
Basilia Montesanto, LMT

MASSAGE Gift Certificates

Prenatal Massage

Massage Gift Certificates make wonderful gifts - who couldn't use some much-needed time to relax and decompress?! Purchase your Gift Certificate over the phone at 860-941-2362 and have it emailed to you...or purchase it in person at Therapeutic Massage For Your Mind, Body & Spirit(Be sure to call ahead and set up a time when picking up gift certificates in person.)

Frequent visitors card special

After every paid visit, bring in your card for Basilia to sign and after 10 visits, you get a FREE 60-minute session! Contact Basilia for more information at 860-941-2362 about this special!

Why Regular Sports Massage is so Important


As a massage therapist who goes to the gym multiple times a week to stay strong in my physically demanding career, I have a special appreciation for how massage therapy can benefit you. For those of you regularly workout, train or participate in sports, incorporating massage therapy into your routine can offer you some wonderful benefits. Sports/Athletic Massage can help ease those tight/sore muscles, painful joints and help you heal quickly and naturally by: 

  • gently increasing the circulation to your muscles which helps them to relax

  • aiding the body in the removal of waste products/toxins in the tissue which helps reduce pain

  • lengthening tight muscular tissue

  • easing joint pain by reducing inflammation and relaxing the tight muscles attached to the joint

  • aiding with tissue repair from injuries or microtears

  • reducing recovery time between workout/training sessions

  • giving you increased body awareness on what muscle groups are tight or have limited range of motion

If this sounds like you, I would recommend a Sports/Athletic Massage at least one to two times a month to keep your muscles functioning optimally. Think of receiving massage therapy similar to working out your body. You receive greater benefits when doing it regularly!

Contact me with any questions on how massage therapy can help you or what type of massage therapy bodywork is right for you. Contact me at 860-941-2362 to book your much-needed appointment today and your body will thank you!

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I am now offering Members of Anytime Fitness Gym of Uncasville $10 off their first 60 minute session. Contact me today at 860-941-2362 to book your an appointment!